If You Think I'm Cute... You Should See My Aunt!

My two nephews, Xander & Xane, were the cutest little ringbearers in their baby pink suspenders and matching bowties. We all know that a kid in a suit can be a tantrum time bomb, so this comfy-cute outfit alternative was great AND stayed within wedding dress code.

Win-win :)

We ordered youth suspenders and matching pink bowties from the kellybowbelly shop on etsy for $35 each (plus tax). The rest of the boy's ensemble was charcoal gray Converse sneakers, and black slacks we bought at JCPenney.


1) Thin, wood picture frame(s) - you can purchase from a craft store. We bought ours at Hobby Lobby for about $7.00 each. Each frame had a easel-like hinge on the back that the boys were able to hold from behind, and there was no glass/plastic within the frame.
2) Create and format your desired text for your sign(s). I created mine in Microsoft Word and saved as a PDF. I then emailed the two 11x14 PDFs to Wal-Mart to be printed (the photo center does this). There are a lot of printing options - Office Max, Sam's, Kinko's...etc...
If you don't know how to email, I imagine that taking them on a flash drive USB to be printed would be fine too.

3) Lastly, we painted 'em pink with baby pink acrylic paint, and glued / taped on the sign prints.

If your fiancé isn't loving the idea of a little one walking down the aisle with your $pricey$ wedding band, these ring bearer signs made for a super cute alternative!


Monogram Wedding Veil

I happened across a picture of a monogrammed wedding veil on pinterest (of course), and was kinda in love with the idea from that point on.
The back skirted area of my Maggie Sottero wedding dress was plain satin, so I felt a flashy embellishment of some sort running down the veil would be the perfect filler. The main focal point was a monnogrammed "M" near the bottom that followed me down the aisle. It made for some super cute and unique wedding photos, and also added a sweet "I'm becoming a McLean" factor to the whole ceremony experience :)
My local seamstress used a sort of semi-lightweight diamond stranded ribbon, and glue.

#TashWedding at Briscoe Manor in Richmond, Texas | February 2014 | Photo by My Happy Lens Photography