7 Awesome Paper Wedding Items

When wedding planning, adding those little details after confirming the big stuff can be lots of things - time consuming, stressful, expensive... need I go on?
Here's a list of seven items to get your started in planning for these easy and inexpensive wedding awesomes :)
1. Hotel Guest Bag Tags

Most hotels will offer the option for you to leave guest welcome bags at the front desk that they will pass out as people check in. I know that as a guest, I just love this. Seeing what the bride and groom came up with to out in the bags is fun, and at time can be very helpful! You'll get what I mean once you skim over this short list of items to possibly include in a guest's hotel welcome bag:
*Bottled Water     *Candy Bar     *Mini Toothpaste     *Mini Mouthwash   
*Crackers (Cheese Nips)     *Rice Crispy Treat     *Custom Crossword Puzzle
*Facial Tissues     *Floss     *Directions To Wedding Festivities
*Local Brochure or Map (fun things to do in the area)     *White Cake Pop
2. Wedding Party Itinerary
Are you nervous about keeping your wedding party caged and in a certain area? This can be highly desirable when it comes time to take pictures at a certain time, or right before the ceremony starts. Groomsmen especially tend to wander to parts unknown.
We handed out this half-page wedding party itinerary during the rehearsal dinner the night before and our besties seemed to be super thankful. Think about it, I know I like to know what's going on and when, so its safe to assume your wedding party will too.
3. Social Media #Hashtag Sign
As you've probably noticed, couples hashtags are all the rage. Similar to when the media creates a conjoined name for celebrity couples - aka "brangelina" or "Bennifer".
Wedding hashtags allow your guests to post pics that you can later navigate to all in the same place. I also sell these custom wedding signs in my online etsy shop.
4. Table Numbers
My mom is the goddess of crafts, thus it was easy for her to come up with and create these beautiful pink and silver table numbers. She found the square mirrors and mini acrylic easels at Hobby Lobby. She's a Stampin' Up! Senior Demonstrator so the rest of the products are from the SU! catalogue.
- Glitter Cardstock
- Light Pink Cardstock
- Pink Ribbon
- Small Square Mirrors
- Mini Acrylic Easels
5. Seating Chart
Again, born from my craft goddess mother, this DIY wedding banner was made with cardstock, ribbon, and double stick tape.
6. Thank You Table Cards
Many Couples are beginning to create thank you notes for their guests to come across at some point during the wedding. We added some color to our place settings with these pink thank you notes centered on every napkin.
7. Directional Signage
More and more couples are opting out of the traditional wedding guest "book" and choosing some unique platform instead. We chose a wooden tray that guests could sign with permanent marker and that we later covered with a piece of glass.
The point is, having a sign as simple as "Please sign our guestbook" lets people know that whatever the signable item is, is in fact your guestbook, and also encourages them to sign.
This funny restroom way finding sign is available for purchase online in my etsy shop.


5 Ways To Make Your Bar Memorable

We had our wedding at Briscoe Manor in Richmond, Texas. We wanted to cutesy up the whole bar experience so my mom crafted up this chalkboard sign and I found the recycled glitter beer bottle idea off Pinterest.

1. Add A Fun Sign

2. Bottled Embellishments
For this beer bottle we cozied it up next to our custom koozies, I wrapped some pink glitter cardstock around the it and secured with double stick tape. The flower is from Hobby Lobby. 
3. Display Your Signature Bride & Groom Cocktail

Your guests will appreciate a little Intel on what your Bride & Groom cocktails contain. Plus help get the word out there that they exist! You can create your own or customize and purchase on etsy :)
4. Custom Wedding Koozies
Although seemingly cliché, koozies are highly appreciated AND functional both during and after an event. 
5. Personalized Vignettes
How cute and memorable is it to have a little extra scenery specific to the Mr. & Mrs? Create a cute vignette on the corner or in the middle of your bar and give your guests some extra eye candy while waiting in line for their bev.


Mystery I-45 Tube Construction in The Woodlands

So I'm rollin' down the I-45 feeder road headed towards The Woodlands Mall, and I pass this -

What an odd spot to put a shark tank farm.
You won't believe this, but its not a shark farm.
If I've geographically lost you, this site is seen as you're going down the I-45 feeder road, right before you get to the Woodlands Parkway exit. If you're still lost, it's by The Woodlands Mall.

Rumor has it that this is going to be an indoor skydiving...flying...floating.. entertainment type place :D
What?! How?! Why?!
i-Fly indoor skydiving (pictured below)



Our First Home

As Tim and I close on our new home as an officially married Mr. & Mrs., I can't help but to reminiscence on our previous abode. We moved off of Scarlett Woods Court in November 2013 and I took a few cheesy pics during the move that I just found :)
Inside one of the main light switch covers, we wrote on a piece of green tape -
Our 1st Home
The future Mr. & Mrs. McLean 2013

Then we put the cover back on so that a little piece of us will always be there <3

...until they remodel? :p