Our First Home

As Tim and I close on our new home as an officially married Mr. & Mrs., I can't help but to reminiscence on our previous abode. We moved off of Scarlett Woods Court in November 2013 and I took a few cheesy pics during the move that I just found :)

Inside one of the main light switch covers, we wrote on a piece of green tape -

"Our first home. The future Mr. & Mrs. McLean 2013"

Then we put the cover back on so that a little piece of us will always be there <3

...until they remodel? :p


The "Ash a la Mode" Shop on Etsy

I had my first Etsy.com order this week! It was made by a lovely woman named Pela, all the way from the sun shiney state of California.

Oh yeah, did I ever mention I had an etsy shop?

No I did not. And I attribute that to my "squirrel!" type personality. I'm a pretty fly-by-the-seat-of-my-britches kind of human.... SO, may I introduce the Ash a la Mode shop that's now on etsy! I plan to offer all sorts of handmade items, hence the name "a la mode", but for now I mostly sell wall décor paper prints.

Here's a little taste in case you're pointer finger doesn't feel like clicking my etsy link...
Make Today Ridiculously Amazing | Bedroom, Women's Vanity Home Decor | 8x10 Glossy Art Print
Baby Birth Stats | Customizable Birth Announcement | 8x10 Matte Art Print
Love Will Find A Way | Personalized Long Distance Love Map | 8x10 Glossy Art Print
Customized home décor prints available for purchase online via the Ash a al Mode shop on Etsy


If You Think I'm Cute... You Should See My Aunt!

My two nephews, Xander & Xane, were the cutest little ringbearers in their baby pink suspenders and matching bowties. We all know that a kid in a suit can be a tantrum time bomb, so this comfy-cute outfit alternative was great AND stayed within wedding dress code.

Win-win :)

We ordered youth suspenders and matching pink bowties from the kellybowbelly shop on etsy for $35 each (plus tax). The rest of the boy's ensemble was charcoal gray Converse sneakers, and black slacks we bought at JCPenney.


1) Thin, wood picture frame(s) - you can purchase from a craft store. We bought ours at Hobby Lobby for about $7.00 each. Each frame had a easel-like hinge on the back that the boys were able to hold from behind, and there was no glass/plastic within the frame.
2) Create and format your desired text for your sign(s). I created mine in Microsoft Word and saved as a PDF. I then emailed the two 11x14 PDFs to Wal-Mart to be printed (the photo center does this). There are a lot of printing options - Office Max, Sam's, Kinko's...etc...
If you don't know how to email, I imagine that taking them on a flash drive USB to be printed would be fine too.

3) Lastly, we painted 'em pink with baby pink acrylic paint, and glued / taped on the sign prints.

If your fiancé isn't loving the idea of a little one walking down the aisle with your $pricey$ wedding band, these ring bearer signs made for a super cute alternative!